Daftar Link Perusahaan Swasta yang ada di Jakarta dan Sekitarnya !

CV. Bhakti Manufacturing of Motorcycle Parts
Mr. Johannes Tedjapranatha Warehousing & Foam Manufacturing
PT. Abadi Barindo Autotech Manufacturing of Seat and Car Interior
PT. ABB Installation Materials Manufacturer of Electrical Components
PT. Advance Stabilindo Industry Chemical Industry (Advastab TM 181 FS)
PT. Air Liquide Indonesia Industrial Gases {O2, N2, Ar, H2, Special Gases (Helium,Co, N2O2)}
PT. AKS Precision Ball Indonesia Manufacturing and Sales of Steel Balls for Ball Bearings
PT. Alpha Industries Indonesia Mfg of Plastic Part for Battery (Insulation washer, Plastic Seal, Rim Vent Seal)
PT. Amasindo Bintang Cemerlang Distributor of Dispensing Equipment and Laboratory Test
PT. Argo Pantes Integrated Textile Business/Spinning (Combed Yarn, Carded Yarn)
PT. Asahi Best Base Indonesia Sub-Assy & Electronics Component (Audio, Video, Motorcycle, etc)
PT. Asahi Denso Indonesia Manufacturing and Distribution of Motorcycle Electrical Component
PT. Asiatec Fujisawa Manufacturing Indonesia Refrigerator Parts
PT. Asmo Indonesia Manufacturing of Automobile Spare Parts
PT. Astra Honda Motor Assembly of Motorcycle
PT. Astra Otoparts, Tbk – Divisi Nusametal Automotive Parts
PT. Avidisc Crestec Interindo Optical Disc Manufacturer (CD Rom, DVD, CD, VCD)
PT. Bando Electronics Indonesia Manufacturing of Power Transformer for Audio Set
PT. Benson Power Mobility General Trading for Motorcycle, Spare Parts and Accesorries
PT. Bluescope Steel Indonesia Distr. of Coated Steel Coils & Mfg & Distr. of Roll Formed Steel Bldg Materials
PT. Chubb Safes Indonesia Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing
PT. Crestec Indonesia Paper & Carton Box Printing Manufacturer
PT. Dae In Tech Indonesia Engineering, Assembling Part of VCR
PT. Daido Metal Indonesia Manufacturing of Plain Bearings
PT. Daido SP Indonesia All Kind of Springs for Automotive Manufacturing
PT. Daigo Steel Metal Fabrication (Steel Flange for concrete Pile)
PT. Daya Kobelco Construction Machinery Indonesia Main Distributor of Construction Machineries
PT. Denko Wahana Industries Indonesia Electronics Component & Turbine Ventilator (Speaker Grilles, Panel)
PT. Denso Indonesia Automotive Components Mfg (Car & Bus A/C, Sparks Plugs, etc)
PT. Dharma Maruwa Garment Indonesia Manufacturing of Knitted Wear
PT. Diamond Cold Storage Food & Beverage Processing & Distribution & Refrigerated & Dry Goods Warehousing
PT. Diamond Cold Storage Food & Beverage Processing & Distribution & Refrigerated & Dry Goods Warehousing
PT. Diamond Diaci Anugrah Jaya Glass Processor Industry, Trucking, Container Depo
PT. Dian Lestari Sejahtera General Trading
PT. Digital Media Technology Optical Disc Manufacturing
PT. Dongju Raya Indonesia Carton Box Maker
PT. Dongyang Electronics Indonesia Manufacturing of Component Electronics
PT. Dyson Zedmark Indonesia Limited Precision Refractories
PT. Emblem Asia Manufacturing of Nylon Films
PT. Enomoto Srikandi Metal Works Manufacturing & Sales of Drum Closure
PT. Esmalglass Indonesia Selling and Production of Ceramic Glazes
PT. Faber-Castell International Indonesia Stationery and Drawing, Including Appliances
PT. FDK Indonesia Alkaline Dry Battery Manufacturer
PT. Federal Nittan Industries Automotive Components
PT. Filtech Indonesia Manufacturing and Sales of Parts for Motorcycles, Automobiles and others
PT. Framas Plastic Technology Shoes Component Made of Plastic (Out Soles, Torsion Bars, etc)
PT. Fukusuke Kogyo Indonesia Manufacturing of Bags
PT. Fukuyama Giken Indonesia Forging Industry (Yoke, Flange, Rocker Arm, Connector)
PT. Goo Indonesia Chemical Industry of Synthetic Polymer Products
PT. GS Electech Indonesia Manufacturing Processing & Sales of Automotive Wiring Harness of Various Type
PT. Haldin Pacific Semesta Mfg of Natural Ingredients for Flavor, Fragrance, Food, Beverage, pharmacetical, etc
PT. Hanken Indonesia Sheet Metal Fabrication for Construction Machinery
PT. Hanwa Steel Service Indonesia Steel Service Center
PT. Higashifuji Indonesia Synchronized Motor & Stepping Motor & Other Electric, Electronics Parts
PT. Hogy Indonesia Manufacturing of Disposable Medical Equipments
PT. Hogy Indonesia Manufacturing Life and Medical Equipment
PT. Honda Lock Indonesia Mfg, Marketing & Distributing Parts for Motorcycle, Automobile and Other
PT. Hymold Indonesia Manufacturer & Sales of Plastic Injection Moulding & Process Product
PT. Ichikoh Indonesia Manufacturing of Automotive Parts
PT. Igas Utama Field Adm Bldg,workshop,stockyard related to the industry of Natural Gas
PT. Indomak Kitacipta Karya Distribution and Logistic Center
PT. Indonesia Dae Yang Korea Expandable Polystyrene Manufacturing Goods
PT. Inter Candy Utama Confectionery and Glucose Syrup
PT. Istana Tiara Manufacturing and Distributor of Motorcycle Parts
PT. J.S.T. Indonesia Manufacturing of Terminal and Connector Electronics Spare Parts
PT. Jawa Manufacturing & Trading Company Sport & Medical Protection Accessories Equipment Manufacturing
PT. JFE Shoji Steel Indonesia Coil Steel Center (Steel Processing)
PT. Jotun Indonesia Paint Manufacturing
PT. Kansai Paint Indonesia Paint and Related Painting Materials Manufacturing
PT. Kawashima Engineering Plastic Indonesia Engineering Plastic Injection Moulding
PT. Kayaba Indonesia Manufacturing of Shock Absorber
PT. KDS Indonesia Manufacturing of Electronics Component (Crystal Resonator)
PT. Keihin Indonesia Manufacturing of Automotive Components
PT. Kitagawa Industries Indonesia Manufacturing of High Precision Plastic Component
PT. Kojin Indonesia Plastic Insert Molding
PT. Komatsu Indonesia Heavy Equipments and Its Components
PT. Komatsu Patria Attachment Industry of component/machines equipment for mining, excavation & construction
PT. Kotera Indonesia Metal Ornament (Budhist Altar Fittings Manufacturings)
PT. Koyo Jaya Indonesia Manufacturing of Automotive Radiators
PT. Lakshmi Leela Garment Industries Garment Industry
PT. Lakta Aroma Indonesia Industry of Aroma and Atsiri Oil (Essentials Oil & Extract)
PT. LG Electronics Indonesia Electronics Mfg (Color Picture Tube, Color Monitor, Video Cassette,etc)
PT. Lotte Indonesia Manufacturing of Chewing Gums
PT. LP Displays Indonesia Electronics Mfg (Color Picture Tube, Color Monitor, Video Cassette,etc)
PT. M.A.S. Indonesia Plastic Parts, Metal and Electronics Component
PT. Mandom Indonesia, Tbk Manufacturing of Cosmetics, Toiletries, Perfumes & Plastic Products
PT. Mandom Indonesia, Tbk (2) Manufacture of Cosmetics, Toiletries,Perfumes and Plastic Products
PT. Maruhachi Indonesia  
PT. Mayora Indah Manufacturing of Biscuit and Confectionery
PT. Meiwa International Mfg & Wholeshole of Industrial Metal, Rubber, Resin, Fiber Packings, etc
PT. Meiwa Mold Indonesia Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Mold
PT. Melco Indonesia Industry of machinery/equipment for manufacturing process/metal work
PT. Menara Cipta Metalindo Manufacturing of Press Part & Spare Parts Automobile
PT. Merten Intec Indonesia Manufacturing of Electrical Wiring Devices
PT. Mikuni Indonesia Industrial Equipment & components for vehicle, motorcycle & any other similar things
PT. Mitsuba Indonesia Pipe Parts Manufacture of the Motorcycle Parts and Sales
PT. Nihon Chemical Indonesia Automotive Chemical Products
PT. Nippisun Indonesia Manufacturing of Color Coumpond for Plastic Resin
PT. Nittsu Shoji Indonesia Consultation on Business Development & Management & Warehouse Services
PT. Nojima Plastic Indonesia Precision Plastic Parts for Electrical Equipment
PT. NOK Indonesia Special Industry Machine Parts (Sealing Devices)
PT. NSK Bearings Manufacturings Indonesia Manufacturing of Rolling Bearings
PT. NSK-Warner Indonesia Manufacture of Primary Components, e.g. Clutch, Bearings, etc
PT. Nusa Toyotetsu Corporation Press and Welding Parts (Parking Brake Lever, Door Hinge, etc)
PT. Nusahadi Citraharmonis Automotive Stamping Parts
PT. NYK New Wave Warehousing Indonesia Warehousing & Terminal Container
PT. NYK New Wave Warehousing Indonesia Warehouse and Terminal Container
PT. Oh-Sung Electronics Indonesia Industry Subb. Assy & Component Electronics Remote Control
PT. Ohtomi General Printer Adhesive Label Specialist
PT. Okurimono Indonesia Warehousing
PT. Oriental Asahi JP Carton Box Manufacturing of Hight Quality Corrugated Carton Boxes
PT. Oriental Kyowa Industries Plastic Moulding, Spray Painting, Subb Assy
PT. Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Indonesia (PSECI) Manufacturing of Electronics Equipment (VCR Products)
PT. Paramount Bed Indonesia Manufacturing of Hospital Bed
PT. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia (1) Metal Treatment Services
PT. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia (2) Metal Treatment Services
PT. Philip Morris Indonesia Industry of mfg of cigarettes, preparation of warehousing, fumigation & warehousing of tobaco, etc
PT. Polymatech Indonesia Elastomer Switches Industries (Key Pad Rubber)
PT. Posmi Steel Indonesia Shearing and Slitting of Cold Rolled Steel,Metal Pressed Part, Welding,etc
PT. Progress Toyo (Indonesia) Manufacturing of Automotive & Motorcycle Parts (Rear View Mirror)
PT. Riken Asahi Plastics Indonesia Manufacturing of Plastic Pellet (Industry PVC Coumpond)
PT. San Miguel Indonesia Foods & Beverages Beverages and Foods
PT. Sankei Gohsyu Industries (PT. SGI) Manufacturing of Automotive Components
PT. Sankei Gohsyu Industries (PT. SGI) Mfg of Forging Goods, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Export Import These
PT. Sanken Indonesia Power Supply Unit & Transformer Manufacturing
PT. Sankyo Indonesia Electrical Housewares (Electric Blanket, Electric Carpet)
PT. Sanyo Special Steel Indonesia Special Steel Cutted
PT. Sayap Mas Utama Warehouse for Consumer Goods
PT. SBP Indonesia Manufacturing and Sales of Plastic Sheet
PT. Seiwa Indonesia Power Transmission Belts for Industrial and Automotive Use
PT. Sekiso Industries Indonesia Manufacturing of Noise Dumping Sheet for Automotive Industry
PT. Setia Guna Sejati Automotive Industry and other related industries
PT. Shibaura Shearing Indonesia Industry of Steel Plate Processing (Cutting, Bending, Machining and Welding)
PT. Shindengen Indonesia Manufacturing, Sales & Trading of Electronic Circuit Prod 2-Wheel Vech & etc
PT. Shinmei Electric Indonesia Manufacturing of Electronics Components (Micro Switch)
PT. Shinsei Denshi Indonesia Technical Equipment and Industry of Plastic and Electronics Components
PT. Shinto Kogyo Indonesia Industrial Plastic Component for Automotive (Leg Shield, Oil Tank)
PT. Showpla Indo Plastic Injection Moulding (TV Cabinet, VTR Cabinet, Other Plastic Parts)
PT. Sliontec Ekadharma Indonesia Manufacturing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes
PT. Sudo Manufacturing Indonesia Pressing for Bearings
PT. Sugity Creatives Auto Body Assembly & Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Moulding
PT. Sugity Creatives Passenger Commercial Industrial Vehicles & Component Parts Mfg
PT. Sukanda Djaya Refrigerated Food Distribution Center
PT. Sumber Kita Indah Warehouse
PT. Sumco Indonesia Manufacturing of Polished Silicon Wafers
PT. Sumitomo Electric Wintec Indonesia Manufacturing of Magnet Wire
PT. Sunstar Engineering Indonesia Manufacturing of Motorcycle Parts (Spocket Rear, Disk Brake)
PT. Super Steel Karawang Shering Slitting of Steel Coils
PT. Suryaduta Investama Printing
PT. Taiyo Toshin Indonesia Manufacturing of Cookware Products, Stainless Steel
PT. Teco Elektro Indonesia/PT. Sanyang Industri Ind. Motorcyles Assembling
PT. Topla Abadi Jaya Manufacturing of Plastic Extrusion for Refrigerators
PT. Topla Techno Jaya Plastic Injection Moulding for Refrigerator Parts
PT. Toyo Denso Indonesia Mfg & Sales of Parts of Motorcycles, Automobile & or Power Products
PT. Toyo Ink Indonesia Printing Ink & Coating Varnish Manufacturing
PT. Toyo Seal Indonesia Manufacturing of Rubber Seal for Bearings
PT. Toyota Auto Body – Tokai Extrusion Extrusion Part Business
PT. Toyota Tsusho Logistic Center Warehousing and General Trading Company
PT. Toyota Tsusho Logistic Center Warehousing
PT. Toyota Tsusho Mechanical & Engineering Service Indonesia Mechanical Workshop
PT. Umeda Kogyo Indonesia Precision Metal Stamping and Dies Maker
PT. URC Indonesia Food ( Corn Chips, Corn Curcle, Confectionery)
PT. Wahana Dirgantara Warehouse Operator
PT. Wira Logitama Saksama Warehousing & Coldstorage
PT. Wooin Component Parts for VCR and Refrigerators (Deck Ay, Top Case, Main Chassis)
PT. Yamada Indonesia Manufacturing of Furniture Components
PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Spare Parts Center
PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics Indonesia Manufacturing and Distribution of Motorcycles Electrical Component
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Asia Manufacturing of Musical Instruments
PT. Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia Manufacturing of Disc Plate for Motorcycle Braking System
PT. Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia Manufacturing of Parts for Motorcycles and Automobiles
YKK-BI Warehouse